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      2. Perkolate Design & Marketing

        ?1017 El Camino Real, #179
        Redwood City, CA 94063

        9789 Dottie Jewel Ave.
        Las Vegas, NV 89147

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        Meet Our Team
        Michael Gazzano
        President & CEO learn more Michael's LinkedIn Profile
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        Las Vegas Business License

        Clark County, Nevada
        Business License #2000272.301

        PowerPoint Presentation Services

        Looking to get your point across successfully in a sales or marketing meeting? A well designed and slick PowerPoint presentation can keep your audience’s interest and make them remember your presentations. Perkolate can help develop and build your Las Vegas PowerPoint presentation that stand out from your competitors.

        Perkolate of Las Vegas creates powerful animated and interactive Powerpoint presentations that captivate your audience. We can incorporate eye-catching graphics and templates that will make you stand out from your competition. We serve up Powerpoint presentations with color, style, automation, video, sound effects and more.

        Top PowerPoint Design and Presentation Tips?

        • Keep concise – keep your PowerPoint slides short and sweet. They are meant to keep listeners and views moving along with your verbal presentation.
        • Design professionally – use one of the templates that Powerpoint provides or have your presentation professionally designed, just make it look professional.
        • One topic per slide – keep your information to one topic per slide. It’s better to use a few extra slides vs. jamming up less slides with too much text.
        • Use visuals – don’t over do it but images and photos that support what information is on each slide lends visual appeal.
        • Print outs – provide clients with a printout of your PowerPoint presentation. It’s a great leave-behind.
        • Practice – when your Powerpoint presentation is finished, practice giving your presentation in your office or home before the real thing.

        PowerPoint Presentations from Perkolate

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        Discover how Perkolate can help you stand out from your competition and find new customers!?Email us, fill out our?online quote request form?or call us in Las Vegas at (702) 341-0085 or in Redwood City at (650) 701-6986.