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      2. Perkolate Design & Marketing

        ?1017 El Camino Real, #179
        Redwood City, CA 94063

        9789 Dottie Jewel Ave.
        Las Vegas, NV 89147

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        Meet Our Team
        Michael Gazzano
        President & CEO learn more Michael's LinkedIn Profile
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        Las Vegas Business License

        Clark County, Nevada
        Business License #2000272.301

        Blog Marketing

        A blog is a website controlled by customizable blog software (like WordPress) – either part of your main website or on a separate domain name – where you can provide daily, weekly or monthly articles, comments, graphics, even video in order communicate with your customers and target markets.

        With a blog and some help from Perkolate, you can build a community of people – an audience and customers – and ask for comments and feedback, thereby creating an interactive marketing tool. Discuss your company’s products and services, research, trends, reporting, and events all while engaging your clients in a powerful interactive relationship.

        Blogs and blog marketing are also a very important factor in?internet marketing?and?SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?as they create pages filled with valuable keywords and links back to your website. In addition, many blog sites also offer an?RSS syndication?feed that provides headlines of their latest entries along with URLs to the content out to other websites on the internet.

        Contact Perkolate Today

        Discover how Perkolate can help you stand out from your competition and find new customers!?Email us, fill out our?online quote request form?or call us in Las Vegas at (702) 341-0085 or in Redwood City at (650) 701-6986.